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Destination wedding in Umbria Gustav + Rebecca

Destination wedding in Umbria
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Destination wedding in Umbria.. Gustav and Rebecca have chosen to celebrate their luxury wedding in this wonderful place: Borgo Spao Acquaeortus. Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is an exclusive Umbria wedding venue, in Italy.

The Borgo is located in Allerona, a small Umbrian municipality close to Tuscany and Lazio.

Here, history, ancient traditions and unspoilt nature make Spao an idyllic location for weddings in Italy.

SPAO BORGO SAN PIETRO AQUAEORTUS is an Umbria wedding venue that differs from other wedding venues in Italy.

And if the wedding venues in Umbria and Tuscany are many and all very beautiful, SPAO BORGO SAN PIETRO AQUAEORTUS stands out because it has something extra that makes the place magical, unique and fascinating. We are not talking about an ancient farmhouse, an agritourism or a single historic residence.

Exclusivity is living one of the most beautiful events in the life of a couple in a MEDIEVAL VILLAGE transformed into a resort of excellence.

Gustav and Rebecca welcomed guests the day before the wedding with an intimate welcome party where they dined with pizza and danced until late in the evening.

To conclude: was an unforgettable day full of emotions, hugs, toast and dances.




Destination wedding in Umbria: many emotions in a magical day, enjoy!