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Matthew + Stephanie

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When Corona Virus hit Italy, we (as wedding vendors) saw our entire season crashing down on us. At that point we had two options: depressing ourselves even more or react, trying to find something “good” in this unexpected situation. A wise man once said that we should learn to accept what we cannot control, so that’s what we did.

Transforming our couples’ dreams into reality is our job, but it’s mainly a pleasure… since as creative people, working with brides and grooms gives us the chance to put a little bit of ourselves into their special days.

That’s why sometimes when the wedding season kicks in, it can actually be difficult to find time for personal projects. The pandemic gave us the chance to form a team vendors that were all sharing the same views and values.

That’s how we gave birth to TIMELESS: an inspirational shoot that wants to be a true inspiration for brides and grooms all over the world, without an expiration date.

Covid-19 made us realize that you can stop people from going out, traveling the world, attend weddings or events… but you cannot stop love, because that’s something that goes beyond time, space and boundaries. It’s (as a matter of fact) TIMELESS.

We chose to have our shoot in Rimini, a seaside town (where we all work and live) in the north of Italy, mostly known thanks to Federico Fellini, a TIMELESS figure that gave birth to international classics like Amarcord and Dolce Vita.

Another important choice to make was connected to the venue: we wanted to find something unique, with a classic yet evergreen style… so when our eyes met Villa des Vergers, our hearts stopped for a while. That’s the one!

Villa des Vergers, is a majestic historic residence (the first documents we have of it come from the XVII’s century)… one of the few examples of French architecture from the Napoleon III period. Its charm and beauty are truly TIMELESS.

At the same time though, we didn’t want to have a classic luxury wedding, since it would’ve been kind of too predictable for a venue like that. Our mission was to show how sometimes it is actually good to experiment, mixing together styles and ideas: contrast is very often what makes us fall in love.

That’s where the amazing dresses and suits from S-Loto atelier came in: each piece has been studied and handcrafted on the couple, following the shoot’s core concepts. Same goes for the stunning, yet unconventional, jewels and designs from Klepto and LEla Design.

The palette was mainly focused on warm colors such as oranges, browns and whites… with a pinch of blues (their major complementary color). The floral designs of Silvia Merli from Profumo di Fiori, the fantastic make-up from Serena di Paolo and the classy hairstiles from I Boldrini Evergreen were able to fully capture the essence of what we wanted to communicate with our creative choice.

When it comes to the story of our couple, we got inspired by the majority of our 2020 clients who have been forced to postpone the celebration of their weddings to next year due to Covid19. As we said before, you can stop celebrations but you can’t stop love… that’s why we though about Matthew and Stephanie, an american couple that decided to have an intimate elopement in Italy… in the place where they first met during a summer vacation and where they fell in love.

Photos and videos from Eros D’Angelo and Sara Canducci have been tailored over this wonderful love story. Their unique work is a true masterpiece, a TIMELESS window on the past. As professionals, they relish in the opportunity to create amazing products with a “soul”, that will be cherished for generations to come.